Observe your child's GPS position. Know when she came to school or the interest group. Be aware of how many hours she spends playing games.

As a responsible parent you need to know where your child is and whether he/she is safe. You need to know whether he or she has arrived at school, to an interest group or to a friend's house. Optionally, you can also control which applications does your child use, how much time does he/she waste using them instead of learning or exercising.

How KidsMonitor.io works
Automatic alerts

Jane left school.
Peter arrived at football.

Turn on your phone's auto-notifications to see when your child arrives or leaves a specified location. Whether he/she is at school, an interest group or at home, you'll always be aware of his/her whereabouts.

Exact GPS location

Is she really at a friend's house? Her GPS tells otherwise.

Whether you are on the couch, at work or on the other side of the world, you can always see where your child is. In real time, you can check if your daughter is really at her friend's house ...

Automatic application blocking

Jane is disallowed to play
Angry Birds at school.

You can automatically block certain apps from your child on a specified location or at a specified time. Social networks or gaming at school are already a taboo.

Control over applications, events, locations

You can set up all the settings and restrictions for your kids through a gorgeous mobile application or a web interface. Your child's phone does not need to be in your vicinity at all, it just needs internet connection.