Cookies policy

Rules for Using Cookies

We would hereby like to inform you about using cookies, about the purpose of their use and the possibility of setting your Internet browser in case your current setting of using cookies does not suit you.


A.  What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be during visiting websites sent to your Internet browser and stored in your device. Cookie files are stored in the Internet browser file. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they are and date of their creation. The Internet browser loads at the next visit of the same website cookies and sends this information to the website that created cookies.

B.  What cookies do we use?

The company, a.s. uses on its websites following types of cookie files:

  1. i) basic cookies: These cookies are necessary for the basic operation of our website. They include for instance cookies that enable you to login to your account. Proper operation of our website cannot be ensured without these cookies.
  2. ii) operating cookies: These cookies allow us to analyze in which way you work with our website and allow us to improve our website with regard to content, performance and design.

iii) functional cookies: These cookies remember the choice of the user made on the website and serve for the improvement of user comfort. It concerns for instance remembering the settings chosen at the previous visit of the website, such as the layout of content, selection of locality etc.  

  1. iv) advertisement cookies: These cookies collect information about your habits during the visit of our website. They therefore allow us to personalize the content and advertisement. It is also on the grounds of these files that we are able to target the direct marketing communication with more relevancy and more effectively, but also to restrict the number of advertisement displays.
  2. v) third-party cookies: These cookies are created by third parties and are not under our control. They include especially analytical cookies (Google Analytics), which enable to analyze how visitors use the website, cookies of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram), which improve and simplify the user interface of the website. Information about the method in which third parties use these cookies are contained in principles of personal data protection and use of cookie files issued by such third parties.


C.  For what purpose do we use cookies?

Cookie files allow our website to recognize your device and to remember certain information about you and your activities made during the connection to our website. We use cookies with the purpose to optimally create and continuously improve our services, to adjust them to your interests and needs and to improve their structure and content.


D.  Can I change settings of cookies?

Usage of cookies and allowing them in the Internet browser is up to your decision.

The help section, which should be included in the menu of your browser, will inform you how to set your browser in order not to receive any new cookies or to notify you about new cookies, or also about the possibility to switch off all cookies.

You should however remember that if you change the setting of cookies, it can lead to the restriction of functionality of the website and to the reduction of user comfort. If you use different devices for access to websites (e.g. computer, smart phone), we recommend you to adjust each browser on the said device to your cookie preference.