Kids are our everything. We have to protect them.

Trust, but verify. As a parent, you would do anything to make sure your little darlings are safe. Introducing, the newest technology for frightened parents. You do not have to fear anymore. Is your child really in school or in the kids club? Kidsmonitor offers a perfect overview of your offspring.

Automatic notifications

Peter left school. Jessica came to the course. You always know exactly where they are!

Turn on the notifications and don’t be afraid anymore. Receive the latest news on your kids’ movement instantly. Thanks to our GPS technology, you see where the child is. The app sees where the child goes and notifies you about everything right away.

GPS location monitoring

Joey has a lot of stuff to do today. Will he make it to school, art class and baseball training?

Are you fearful when your kid is traveling somewhere? Do you want to make sure that he arrived safely in his friend’s house? Our GPS always tells you the exact location of your child. See his whereabouts at any time. Thanks to the location history, you can also see where he was in the past.

Automatic app blocking

Well, what have you downloaded this time? Block inappropriate apps instantly!

Do you want to have an overview of all the apps your child is downloading during the day? Are the teachers complaining that the kids are playing games during class? Restrict and control through Kidsmonitor. Plan the whole week ahead and block all the unwanted games and apps – exactly when it’s necessary.

Compatible with desktop and mobile

The child version of the app is invisible for them. Install this version to your kid’s device and have all circumstances under control!

Whether you work on your PC or just use your mobile phone, you will know everything that’s happening to your children. The parent version of Kidsmonitor works on both desktop PCs and Android mobile phones.